Rising damp proofing and treatment
When it comes to your wall protection, make sure the best products for the job are used on your home.



Effectively stops damp from penetrating.

It not only protects, but actively rebuilds original colour and look.  
HydroBlock is based on the latest nano-technology. A chemical composition of siloxanes with free reactive groups enables HydroBlock to actively bond to mineral surfaces such as concrete and protect against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and many other external elements that are acting upon your walls.


ISO Dry Creme Extreme

Proven to stop penetrating damp instantly!

Iso Dry Creme Extreme is an aqueous, solvent based, creamy hydrophobic impregnating agent based on an extra high content of the active ingredients nano, silane and siloxane.  It is used to impregnate and protect facades with mineral surfaces such as concrete, bricks and limestone and others. 

Europe’s market leading product, Iso Dry Crème Extreme has a creamy appearance and is easy to apply. Iso Dry Creme Extreme is based on the latest nano technology, which means it consists of very small particles which penetrate the surface, building a very strong chemical bond to concrete and other mineral materials. Iso Dry Creme Extreme enhances the surface, makes your walls water resistant and provides them with new life. Used on both new and old surfaces, it penetrates the material and keeps the walls dry, which ensures the insulation properties of the masonry.

It prevents the degradation of mineral materials because of it’s water repelling qualities , which also help to prevent frost damage and on newer surfaces efflorescence. Due to it’s nature, Iso Dry Creme Extreme, also reduces the potential for organic growth to stick onto the surface and so helps prevent any discolouration from such an event from occurring.

Any Iso Dry Creme Extreme treated surfaces and walls can be cleaned as normal and being a top-quality product, Iso Dry Creme Extreme retains these properties for up to 25 years.