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You can be assured of getting the right solution for a long lasting, watertight and attractive finish. We only use Europe’s leading ISO coatings and paints, and the result is products that do the job you want them to, in an affordable and long lasting manner.

What do you need for your walls?

Penetrating damp in brick

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Invisible Penetrating damp solutions that never cease to amaze our customers with their effectiveness.

Exterior wall painting

Exterior Wall Treatment

Self cleaning, breathable exterior wall coating for when you don't want to settle for an inferior paint.


Why your Walls need Cleaning and Protecting

Your walls are subjected daily to the rigors of the UK climate, damage occurs in many ways and from many different sources, including: 

Physical damaging factors include, heat, cold, rain, dew, wind, dust and frost.

Chemical damaging factors include, air pollution, smoke, exhaust gases, acid rain, as well as organic materials and ozone. 

Biological damaging factors include plants (mosses, fungi, lichens), animals (insects) and micro-organisms. 

Recognise any of these?

Don't worry, Iso Paint's market leading roof paints and coatings are the best that can be used on your property and have got you covered. Don't settle for anything less.

Completed Walls

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