approved building contractors

What makes the ISOthentic 'Approved Contractor' service different?

When you want to ensure that you only have ‘top quality’ work carried out on your roof or walls, sometimes the stress of wanting the job done correctly is compounded by the stress of finding the right roofing or wall specialist to do the work for you. Worrying about poor work standards, high prices or hidden costs can easily lead to anxiety and if the jobs not finally done properly even more stress.

 At Isothentic we aim to provide you with the very best service whatever your roofing or wall maintenance project may be, and coupled with our ‘fair price guarantee’ we look to bring you the most affordable quality job possible. We always contact all of our customers to see how their project went and to gain important customer feedback which helps us maintain our high quality of service.

Whether it’s roof tile protection or a wall damp problem that needs sorting, if you are inviting a trades-person into your property, you want to be sure they can be trusted, that their work is of the highest standard and that the price quoted is both fair and accurate.

The best way to find a quality roof and wall protection contractor to do your job for you is to contact us directly here at head office. Doing this will ensure you get a fair quote, quality service, a fair price and a job well done, every single time.


Why Use an Isothentic ‘Approved’ Contractor?

Isothentic, above everything else is an ethical company. We want you to receive the best possible service at a fair and honest price. Every one of our approved contractors has received both in class and on the job training in all aspects of their work and has gone through a strict selection process before being able to call themselves an ‘Approved’ Isothentic contractor. Once Approved, they undertake ongoing assessment where every single one of their jobs is reviewed and all customers are contacted to ensure that complete satisfaction has been attained.

Going beyond just behavior and high standards, every Isothentic approved contractor only uses the best quality products which are proven and Europe’s market leaders.

All Isothentic Approved Contractors agree to meet our very high professional standards and to deliver quality work always.

More than this, if at any time you are not happy with your allocated approved contractor, you can call your customer services contact who you will help you with any issues that you may have.

We want you to feel secure in your decision to use Isothentic Service and to have the peace of mind to know that we will guarantee you a job well done every time.