Grand Hotel before and after cleaning
Cleaned Listed Building Facade

The Swansea Grand Hotel has been a landmark Hotel since the 1930’s, largely due to its ideal city location and unique design.

After a complete refurbishment to the exterior by Isothentic contractors it has now been brought back to it's former glory.

Work included a complete clean of the facade, where the beautiful detail had been hidden by decades of dirt and grime. In order to increase the time it s stays clean the facade was treated with the impregnation HydroBlock. This not only ensures the dirt and grime cannot easily stack but also stops the face from being porous and keeps the building dry and safe from forts damage.

The side walls needed extensive render repair and were then painted with the self-cleaning, breathable coating, Silicone Facade from Iso Paint Nordic.

Further work included refurbishment of the veranda canopy with complete replacement of the glass.

About the author

Nigel is a co-founder of Isothentic and also runs Alltimes Coatings Ltd

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