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Imagine if your brickwork had the ability to repel water, leaving you with a dry, healthy looking property for years to come. You could watch the relentless rain and storms try and break in to your building, knowing that water will simply bounce off the surface.

Don't neglect tired looking roofs and start giving them the treatment they need! If you're not sure on which liquid rubber is right for you, then our comparison will give you some information you need.


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house and yet it's so easy and common for it to be neglected and become very weathered, leading to the penetration of moisture and attacks of algae, mosses and and fungi.

Turn your tired-looking roof into a strong and renewed one with ISO roof Coatings and bring your home back to life. Why settle for an inferior roof paint when you can have one of Europe's market leaders, ISONIT.

The client extended their house and wanted the existing tiles cleaned to match the new roof. Once cleaned they realised they had not matched the tiles as they had planned.

We came up with the solution to apply Isonit roof tile coating so the colour was uniform.

Isothentic contractor renovates the exterior of the listed Grand Hotel Swansea