1. Can I get a written quote?
    Always get the price in writing from your prospective tradesperson. The price quoted should be to deliver the job you need doing. Should there be any additional work needed, your tradesman should discuss these with you and provide a quote for any additional work before they start. Have a chat with the tradesperson and agree that should costs start to change from the agreed price, you will be notified before work continues.


  2. What products will you use? Will they be safe?    
    It is important to know that the products that your chosen tradesman will use are up to the job they are intended for, are lasting and are safe to use. It’s no good accepting a cheap quote from a contractor if they use ‘cheap inferior’ products that are not up to the job, don’t last or are unsafe in some way. All our Isothentic ‘Approved’ contractors use Europe’s leading ISO brands which are proven to do the job they are meant to do and are guaranteed long lasting.


  3. Will this be your only project?
    Tradespeople often balance several projects at once, moving from one to the other while waiting for materials or other trades to their bit. If this is the case with your project, chat it through with your prospective tradesperson. If managed properly the process should not interfere with your work, but do find out whether there will be periods where your project will be inactive. Remember with Isothentic ‘Approved’ contractors you get the backing of a nationwide organisation so you can be reassured that your project will be done quickly, on schedule and on budget.


  4. How long will the job take?
    It’s always best to try and find a suitable time for your project to start. Simply asking when you contractor is able to start and when they expect to finish will help you remain organised and in control.


  5. What if I am not happy with the work?
    Any tradesperson worth their salt will only ever want their customers to be happy with the work they do. If, however, the work done isn’t up to scratch or doesn’t match your brief, you need to know that your tradesperson will remedy the works to both your satisfaction. Our Isothentic ‘Approved’ contractors are backed and supported by our customer services team. Our contractors will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that you will be happy with the result. All our contractor’s work is also inspected on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is of the very highest standard always and should you not be happy simply contact your dedicated representative here at head office and we’ll ensure that the job is put right for you. If need be. We’ll ask another local ‘Approved’ contractor to finish the job for you.


  6. Have my chosen contractors been specially trained to do the job I want?
    There are many contractors to choose from and many may do more than one job. Builders, for example, may build an extension one day, do some plumbing the next, before having a go at you job the day after. You never quite know what you’re going to get. With the Isothentic ‘Approved’ contractor scheme you can be assured that all contractors working on your project have been fully trained not only in all aspects of health and safety but also on all aspects of the job that they are doing for you. You get the satisfaction and peace of mind of a job ‘well done’ every time.